Monday, November 5, 2018

So God Gave Me Another Lesson and This One Was A Bicycle

By David Hogan
Birmingham, AL

Yep, there is something about griping and being ungrateful that just cries out to the universe, to be heard.

And heard I have been, many times in my life.

When I bitched about the way I was treated in my high paying management job, I soon found myself running my own business with employees doing the same bitching, but now at me.

When I bitched about elderly people and how easy they had it, I soon became the 24/7 caregiver to parents with terminal diseases and Alzheimer, and realized my gripes were unfounded.

I can go on and on with the many lessons I've had in my life, but you get the idea, so I'll share just one more.

I used to bitch about those that got in my way, cars going too slow, dogs that didn't give me time to get in the door before wanting to play, pedestrians waiting until the last minute to step in the crosswalk, and bicycles, oh those damn bicycles that have no damn business out here on my road, and in my way.

Yeah, I certainly had a hole named after me a time or two in my life.

And then God gave me a bicycle, and in my later years, at that.

And instantly on my bike, I was free.

And instantly on my bike, I was vulnerable.

I soon learned many of my bike riding friends also had a displeasure while driving their cars about bicycles before they became bike riders again later in life, although it's not something brought up a lot, but it's there for many of us.

I soon learned how utterly violent those in automobiles could be to me and my wife, as we rode.

And yet, we ride on, and we are both free and vulnerable, but we are also much more than that.

We are grateful.

Grateful, we were once again shown what it's like on the other side of something, we once griped about.

Maybe what God gave me all these years was more than just valuable lessons.

Yes, I'm quite certain the lessons are truthfully, blessings.

Enjoy your ride, wherever it may take you!

OH, maybe be grateful a bit too!

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