Tuesday, October 23, 2018

2000 Miles on a Bicycle in One Year - How Hard is That?

By David Hogan
Birmingham, Alabama
October 23, 2018

Logging 2000 miles on a bicycle is not that hard with the help of group riding. So let's break it down a little.

Strava App showing 2003
miles I've logged to date.
In Birmingham, Alabama here is how you can hit 1000 miles, one of the first riding milestones desired by many riders.  Many riders don't even start riding until cold weather gets out of the way, so let's look at this goal from March until the end of November, which is 9 months of riding time.

You ride the following group rides each week to get over 2000 miles which is double the desired milestone of many, and I'll be conservative with the miles for each ride:

Tuesday Night - Le Tour de Ham - 12 miles

Wednesday Night - Cycling Talk - 12 miles

Thursday Night - Trample - 8 miles

Saturday - Saturday Stroll - 15 miles

Sunday - Team RWB - 20 miles

TOTAL MILES = 67 in one week

OK, first of all this by no means a list of all the rides, you could have ridden with Magic City Bike Club, Birmingham Bicycle Club or many others, but the idea is there are many group rides to choose from. So using my above list that is a total of 67 miles in a week, and we have 36 weeks to ride in from March to November making a total of 2412 miles.

Now, cut my list in half or just take out a couple of group rides, and you still get 1206 miles.

That's 1206 miles on a bicycle that were not spent on a couch eating junk food.

Let's go ride a bike!

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