Monday, April 4, 2016

The NEED to be right and RESPECTING others.

The old and highly successful restaurant owner ceased his culinary duties to greet the young group of students from across the state, all having won culinary competitions in their respective regions.

One student asked the old chef how he prepared his kitchen for the first meals of the morning. The old man began explaining the steps he went through and why.
The young student laughed aloud, coldly telling the restaurant owner he clearly did not understand efficient workflow.

The student began describing steps that he said were clearly better and upon completion told the old restaurant owner he should clearly see his way was more efficient in every way.

The old man just said, "no thank you."

The arrogant student became enraged and appealed to the director of the program who had brought them there to agree with him, and added there was nothing the director could say to defeat his way as being better than the old restaurant owner, as it followed everything they had been taught.

The director said, I need say only one thing, to defeat your taught ways.

"You do not own the restaurant, he does", said the director, as he pointed toward the old restaurant owner.

The director thanked the restaurant owner for his time and moved the group of young culinary experts on to their next restaurant visit.