Sunday, December 16, 2012


Sneeches from Dr. Seuss divided by a star or lack of.

People deal with tragedies in different ways and before the little innocent children were even taken out of the school in Connecticut I was watching people on social media advance their anti-gun OR pro-gun agendas.

My way or the highway was the norm, along with pleas to keep an open mind, IF you will just open your mind, to their way of thinking that is.

This is sad to me that there always has to be this amount of control over the mind and opinions of others.

Points of view are "shaped" by countless life factors, experiences and much more.

Some are praying for more guns, while others are praying for less guns.

An on and on it goes, this way, and that way.

Since nothing will stop this ever and ongoing debate, I'm praying for tolerance and the respect of other points of views, to be something both taught and learned.

Nothing will bring these innocents back, and few things will lessen the pain of the family left behind, no matter which "side" you choose to be on.  For every brilliant point made, an equal and brilliant counter-point will follow.

As far as the familes are concerned, I'm thinking that second guessing what could have been, should have been, after the fact, gives little comfort.

I'm praying the families are simply loved by many, as I have no idea what will cure their horrible pain.

For myself, my family and my friends:

  • I'm praying that we all learn to spread a little more love and tolerance of one another and our varying opinions. 
  • I'm praying that through an outpouring of love to our fellow man we will lesson the desire for anyone to kill innocents whether it be by gun, knife, pipe bomb strapped to a body vest, or cruel words that drive one to suicide.
  • I'm praying for more people like Dr. Suess that teach us about respect for others and for ALL the "sneeches" whether they have a star on their belly or have no star on their belly.

Keep the Faith - Respect Others - Choose Life!