Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Being a Real Friend

I recently witnessed a female friend on social media call out some of her female friends for going after married men.  It was ... refreshing.

People that do this(go after married folks) are not very smart.  Whatever you have been told by the one that is still married you have been told by... one that is still married.  Think about that.

I like many that have been married for multiple years, have seen ups and downs and I admit when I'm down, I'm certainly not myself and have no business discussing with another human what I'm down about in my marriage, unless I'm seeking help to make my marriage better... This is something you generally discuss with a long standing friend, not a member of the opposite sex, who may be just as "down" as you are.  This leads to the blind, leading the blind.

I admired my friend for taking a stand of, hands off married people... PERIOD.

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